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  1. I like this site its a master peace ! Glad I observed this on google. The definition of a beautiful woman is one who loves me. by Sloan Wilson. ffgeakkgcddcfgca

  2. Beautiful and informative website. You have wonderful Samoyeds and should be proud.

  3. hey im 13 and i love samoyeds so much when i grow up i want to be a samoyed breeder and i also live in florida

  4. Your website is beautiful. Back in the 1960s I had a wonderful Canadian bred Samoyed that I trained and competed in obedience up through utility dog in the upper Midwest. She was an amazing dog and a great companion on my travels back and forth from Minnesota to Alberta and British Columbia! I lost her to cancer at age 11. Following that several years later I switched to Standard Poodles and just lost my 8th one at 13 last October. I am 86 and missing having a dog in my life; I do have a cat—but he misses his dog housemate as well. I would love to provide a forever home to an older dog ready for retirement….. I would love it to be either a Samoyed or another Standard Poodle.

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