May 2021

Hi Everyone,

May is here and so is the warm weather and humidity.  Oh well that is Florida and why we had to get a new Air Conditioner.

Angus is practicing his conformation skills for the June Show in Tampa, the 19th.  Lily is going too! Last month she had a fun match and a small taste of showing.  The Tampa show will be a big adventure for her. Lily is starting to practice for the ring and she is also going to her puppy class.  She has fun meeting other dogs, socializing and learning new activities. A busy month for Lily.

In talking to people looking for puppies I have also been more aware of the scams out there, California, Pennsylvania and Idaho are a few states that scams are from.  Please be careful.  Pictures you are looking at are not there puppies.

Enjoy fun times in May and we wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day!


Before puppy class

Before Puppy Class

Fun Day

Fun Day